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Four Areas Of Tavaduri

In the heart of the capital, on the bank, near the historical Mushthaid Garden, you will undoubtedly find the restaurant "Tavaduri," where Georgian diversity is presented in one space. As soon as you enter, you are immersed in an extraordinary world that you will not find anywhere else in the city. The founders of the restaurant spared no effort to create an impressive atmosphere for both Georgian and foreign guests. Visitors will be greeted not only by exotic surroundings and delectable cuisine but also by an actual museum, which leaves no one indifferent. You will find four different concept spaces in the restaurant: Marani, Sanadimo, Tavaduri, and Mushthaid Karaoke. It should be noted here that Marani works 24 hours a day. The guest has the opportunity to choose a comfortable zone according to the mood, for which there is no need to change addresses. At one address, you will find four different spaces and cuisines of the highest quality. Even if you think you've tried everything and nothing will surprise you, the chef's signature menu prepares a completely new experience for gourmets. Believe us, fireworks of receptors await you here every time. "Tavaduri" will definitely become your favorite place. In addition, the restaurant has an open kitchen where you can watch the chefs prepare traditional Georgian dishes for you. The entertainment part of the "Tavaduri" concept also promises a lot. Every evening, different spaces are filled with tunes of folk music and a show program of traditional, costumed dances, as well as a well-known choir of Georgian polyphonic music performers. On Mushthaid's Veranda, a unique, regularly changing program is scheduled for the summer evenings.


The area of "Satavado" is filled with luxurious furniture, distinguished by elegance and princely grandeur. The interior is predominantly orange color, which makes the space feel cozier. This space is an ideal place for private conversations, business dinners, weddings, banquets, special dinners, buffets, or formal events. The space is equipped with modern professional equipment. The restaurant's menu features unique dishes derived from the chef's collection of unique Georgian recipes from the time of the princes.


The nobility of massive walls and moderately dimmed lighting are combined in this space. You'll feel at ease in the warm tones of the white interior, away from the hustle and bustle of the capital city. This space is ideal for buffets (for 400 people), banquets, and weddings (for 250 people). The concept of the space's name is connected to the historical narration. "Nadimi" refers to the ritual hall of Georgian princes and kings. At Nadimi, important guests were received and dinners were held, which sometimes lasted a week. The concept of this banquet space includes a princely reception of guests, with all the traditions handed down by the chroniclers of Georgian culture and hospitality.


“Marani” is distinguished by a cozy and calm environment, where you will feel the fusion of old and modern culture immediately after visiting. It will take guests on a journey to a lost era. It is also an ideal place to watch sports matches with friends. The interior of the restaurant is very distinctive and tells in its own way why it is - "Marani". The space is decorated with details characteristic of Georgia's ancient culture. The creation of this hall was inspired by the history of the Dadiani manor - Salkhino, which was famous for noisy feasts, a special wine cellar, and pitchers. The smell of freshly baked bread, which every guest has the opportunity to bake, is worth noting. There, they can grill Mtsvadi, make Khinkali, take part in Chacha distilling, wine tasting, and most importantly, taste their own creations on the spot. This particular space is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Mushtaidi Veranda

Mushthaid Veranda is an environment for those who are tired of going to a typical restaurant and want to feel relaxed, enjoy hanging out with friends, sing karaoke, eat delicious food, and watch the sunset or sunrise. Rattan furniture, armchairs, and soft sofas are also included, which are ideal for sinking into and escaping from daily life. A special music program is also presented every Friday and Saturday, featuring performances by popular Georgian bands and singers. The concept of building is inspired by the restaurant's historical location in Mushthaid Park, as well as the favorite spot of 19th-century princes for walking, feasting, and enjoying nature. The veranda on the restaurant's roof is cozy, almost a chamber, sheltered from the outside world by greenery and vibrant flowers, much like Mushthaid Park when it was at its best.


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